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I am a wife, mother and grandmother that is hopefully
able to help others along their path.

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Last summer, I was blessed to hold a hummingbird.

We enjoy our pets, they bring us so much joy,
and they are sadly missed when they cross the rainbow bridge.

Gone but not ever forgotten
DiDi Mau

When I have time, I enjoy making crafts,
my favorite being Lace Angels, Coffee mixes and fruit butters;
Pear, Banana and Apple,
as well as scented oils spray and skin lotions,

My Lotions and Tincture Page
More of my crafts

Eight years ago, I found a wonderful product
that solves all pet and household odors,as well as
Molds, mildew and Mrsa
I am now an affiliate Member since I love this product


I get a comission if you buy through my
affiliate link for this product.

or you can visit my page

My OdorXit page

I also have a website I post to when I can.
I just started teaching myself HTML to do web pages.
I have a daughter that lives a few hours away, and
since all the kids are grown, we have horses, cats, and a dog.

We enjoy soft summer evenings on the porch swing listening to the water gardens and birds singing.

I have many Spiritual Gifts that I have been able to tap into all my life.
My Gifts have been used numerous times for help with police departments across the country,
where for awhile I concentrated on missing children.

I am a certified Reiki Channel, since 1979.
I have a gift of intuitive trigger point therapy
and now a student of Qi Gong
I have traveled and lectured for different groups
and have been a featured speaker on the Paranormal.

Sue's Mini Spiritual Insights


Sue's Hidden Treasures

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I get a comission if you buy through my
affiliate link for this product.
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