Remembering Uncle Butchie

You were in this world for 13 yrs. You struggled for the first
week you were born, being kicked out of the
nest and a horse stepped on you and "removed" your little toe.

You were hand raise on a baby doll bottle
and never really understood that the world did
not revolve around you. You thought it did because of all
the love and attention that was lavished on you.

I remember calling you "The Colonel"
because you looked like Col. Sanders with your white goatee.
You never feared any one or any thing.

I remember when you had your
stroke when you were only 6 months old,
and when we took you to the vet, he said you
could die in the next hour,
or live to be twenty. Your head was always tilted
off center ever since then, earning you the name, Mr. Tilt.

Well, you lived..and live you did.
You would cuddle up and befriend any
little stray kitten that was dropped off, and that
earned you the name of Uncle Butch.
If one of the kitties started a row...
you'd step in and set them strait.

If one of us was down or depressed,
you'd push and push on our legs , purring, until we stopped
what we were doing and held you, and loved on you.
Your old motor would go into high gear, and I swear
I could hear you say...there, there, it is all better now.
I remember you racing in the paths
in the woods and climbing so enjoyed the daily walks
in the woods... until the neighbor...used you for target practice
and we rushed you to the vets, they tried to save your leg..really they did... but they
had to amputate at the shoulder.

Butchie after surgery


When we brought you home.. what a trooper you were...
as we fell into deep depression watching you struggle to walk and heal....
you would thump thump thump over to us and purring, demand to be picked up and nuzzled.
Butchie out for a day playing with the boys


I remember 3 yrs ago, when you were
so very sick, and the vet said you'd not
live through the winter...again, you proved them wrong,
and sat out in the sun while I planted starts in the garden.
Butchie on the patio

For 3 springs you showed what a heart full
of love can over come...

Butchie, I thank you for teaching me....LOVE.

Good bye, my friend

Happy trails, till we meet again.
Uncle Butchie 4-17-1992 to 10-16-04

In Oct. of 2008, we had a virus run through
our rescue and lost 13 beloved companions in less then 7 days
the pain is still too raw for me to write each one a tribute,
but after the slide show
I will put a link that can be clicked and there is a short few words for each one.
Our hearts were so broken wide open, we just now are filling it
back up with more love for new "fur" friends.

Fur Angels

to see the notes under each,
you will have to click on each photo

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