Our Mighty Mouse

Secret Threat's Midnight

April 23, 1990 - July 13, 2007

You were just a little thing, an over sized pony,
with a heart as big as the world. You never knew the meaning of quit.
I remember the first day I saw you, as a 2 yr old, just
green broke and scared to death of whips and spurs. I watch as
the trainer tried to break your beautiful spirit, and you
ended up chest deep in a pile of sawdust, eyes
wide in fear, and breath blowing clouds of sawdust.
I knew right then, I might never climb on your
back, but I was taking you home and you'd never be whipped or spurred again.

We had many ups and down with you, as a stallion
you were just too much for me to handle.
I cried when the vet came to remove your jewels, but oh what a wonderful pal you turned out to be.

People would come and ask to see the potty trained horse. I'd make
a big deal about getting a halter and lead,
and saying, "Hey Ritz... you gotta pee?"
you'd lift up your head and come to
me, I'd slip the halter on you, and we'd walk a small
circle 3 times, you'd stretch out and water the yard.
Then they'd clap and think that you were so smart,
and I'd slip you a peppermint. As sick as you
were, you'd still strtch for that peppermint.

You loved having your stall clean and never got it
wet or dirty, and you'd stand in the door way and softly
nicker if we came out the door.

You were the most gentlest , docile horse we had
ever own, and a dream to work with, as long as we were on
the ground...but OH what a ride when
we'd get up in the saddle!

You had a motor that never quit and
yet you loved laying in the sun with your buddie

I remember the day Sandy and I loaded you
up, stallion and mare, and off to the park we went...
in my ignorance I didn't know not to take a
stallion through the park. But you were such a gentleman
and so many people stopped to watch you march by.

Your deep head-nodding and long striding
back-end made you so smooth,
and won you 2 Celebration championships.

A few yrs ago, I noticed something on your eye, and it was a fast
growing cancer. The vet was pretty sure we got
it all but two yrs later, you got so very
sick, and we tried to find the cause. The blood
work and all the tests gave us no hint. I had
a feeling but never got a test back
that confirmed it. You stopped eating hay, and
would only eat from our hands or if we walked you on the lawn and
you'd nibble grass. We loved you so, and no sacrifice was too big.

Finally came the day, we knew you needed peace. It was time you galloped over the rainbow bridge.

That was the day we learned that angels not
only have wings, some have hooves.

Sadly missed by Mom, Dad and Pride

Remembering Uncle Butchie
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