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I have given Insights to lovely people in 7 continents.
Many of them have given me permission to share their readings and comments
so that those that have never had a sitting can see what to expect.
(These were all given free, with loving help from the Angelic Realms)

Just some comments

I have to just start at the begining.
33 days ago,one of our rescued kitties ran out the door and disappeared. We were heart
broken,as he needs special medical attention. We put out signs,called the shelter.rescue shelters and looked
for hours and days for him....we were at a loss of where he could be. We cried everyday and prayed for him. We were always looking.

Sue kept us going,she could "search" the in between life and death zone.....she could not see
him anywhere,but told us to keep faith and not give up. It was hard with time passing and no signs of him.

On thursday morning Sue told me to be on the lookout,that
Maverick wants to come home....This morning he did!!!!

He was in our shed,in a basket I keep there for another kitty. He is home! safe! and hungry.
Thank you God for the gift to Sue. Thank you Sue for keeping our hopes going.
May God continue to Bless you.
Richard and Shirley, Mediana, Ohio

Sar, you are so gifted,and caring.My reading was very accurate.I was amazed, and very grateful for the wonderful advice.Everything you said rang true.I now feel more positive about my health. Bless you,and big hugs! Dianne

This was a kidnapping case I worked on

This is a testimonial to how Sue directed law enforcement to help find a kidnapped child.

I worked closely with a frighteningly psychopathic woman I'll call Reba, who hated
her ex-husband (I'll call Jim) in the extreme. When he got a detective who documented
their 4-yr.-old son's (I'll call Sidney) neglect (wandering alone at age 3 down a street, while she
slept, for example; and not getting rid of her dogs to whom he was so allergic
he was full of rashes he scratched until he bled despite pretending to the judge she'd given
the dogs away), the judge awarded him custody. When she returned to work, Reba
was not upset at losing her son, but at losing to Jim, and her eyes blazed as
she said she would "get even...I always get even," she said.
Thereafter she told many of us that she would kidnap Sydney. No one
believed she really could pull that off, but having seen her cruelty
when she'd had to pick up Sidney at daycare and bring him to work at times, hoped she'd never do it. He was clearly very afraid of her.

Some months later, having plotted very carefully, even selling her extra car to a male coworker to whom
she gave a fake sob story about monetary need, and getting another
one to co-sign with her for her furniture moving and storage, Reba took a week's vacation. Jim had no idea that Sydney was instead
being kidnapped.

By the time he could assemble the facts, and saw through her window
an empty house, ten days had elapsed, and he called the office, frantic to learn if we knew where
Reba was. I'd been asked to help at her desk (in addition to my own) so God had me there when he called and
needed help. I told him we did not know, but that she had threatened
often to kidnap Sydney, and he needed to call the police immediately.

He continued to call in, and I found 26 personal business names in her rolodex, copied them
and gave them to him and the detective
who visited me at work. (The firm wanted nothing to do with the whole affair, and I was told to NOT cooperate. They didn't know me! I said to a doting grandpa VIP, "Would you want me to do it if it were YOUR grandbaby?" Silence.)

Early-on someone referred me to a person in one of our forums. It was Sue. I called her on a Friday and she said to
tell her NOTHING, and she would begin to meditate and call me next day, and to have a pencil
and paper ready at 11 a.m.

When Sue called, I listed 36 items that she had "seen." An example of how it could
NOT have been "mind-reading" of me is that I only knew Reba
as a bleached blonde whose roots were black-looking and whose
maiden name was Italian. So when Sue told me she had RED hair and had gone back to that real color, I thought this must be incorrect. She got the strongly evil vibes we all got at work from Reba, and told of several things she had done to others.

Then she began to tell me about the car, the dogs, the boy, and their being in Canada.
When I called Jim, all these items that I could not have known stunned him...and the hair color, among
other things, really validated her "seeing."

We gave all the info to the lead detective, and he was not impressed, because Reba had purposely sowed
the idea in various places, including the furniture storage firm, which
she told to hold her things until she had a permanent address in Venezuela, and a coworker whose
brother in that country was in contact with Reba previously.

But Sue insisted that Reba WAS in Canada. Each time she called with more
specific info, Jim and I conveyed it to the authorities. Jim thought she would have
crossed around Niagara Falls, since she had friends there, but she had not been seen by them. Then one day Sue called excitedly, saying, "She IS in Canada...and I felt as if I
were 'flying' over the area where she crossed the border. It was the Detroit
checkpoint." Since the Canadians (unlike us dumb Americans!) keep a record of who enters their
country, they had her name, license plate, and saw the boy sleeping in the car!!!

NOW we finally had the attention of the FBI, and later, John Walsh
had the news that follows his show do a full 5-minute story, interviewing
a weeping Jim, and showing photos of Sydney and Reba, and the detective's film of the little guy at age three
wandering alone down a street, and the allergy-bloody scratched legs, from the dogs.

As Reba progressed along her westward route, Sue "saw" her, and EVEN when
she dipped back into the U.S. to an American town, where she saw her trying to "con" an old lady. This proved
true when Reba was caught. She bought and sold jewelry on eBay, and had tried to bargain
with a savvy elderly woman!!!

Finally, Sue saw her in British Columbia, saying, "I see the ocean, and she can't go any
further west. She has stopped there, and has put Sydney into a daycare where she's told them he has a different
first name. They walk past a statue (she described) en route to the daycare daily." During all that time, Sue also picked
up on Sydney's state of mind, as he became confused, and was asking for his daddy.

The FBI shortly thereafter called Jim, who excitedly called me, who excitedly
called Sue, to say they knew where she was, to come quickly so when they arrested her, they could put
Sydney into his arms, for security. Jim dashed there, and when Reba opened her door, they whisked Sydney into Jim's arms!!! She was arrested, held
for extradition, had to go to court up there (where they take kidnapping very seriously), then brought back to the US to stand trial. She got 3 years, but only served about half of it. However, she could
only visit with Sydney briefly, and with a marshall present for the rest of the time. This kidnapping lasted for over four months.

Jim had me to their home, to greet the happy Sydney, back with his little buddy, running
around the house and playing. He said it was music to his ears. He kept in touch for several years, and even referred me to another fathe
of his son's friend in church and soccer, where I got a great
job and held it until I retired two years ago. Through my boss I would hear updates on how well Sydney was doing, and growing
into a fine young man. And he called Jim "a man of steel, a great dad."

All because Sue didn't "buy" the Venezuela scenario, and insisted to the authorities that the little guy was crossing Canada!!!

When Sue says something now, as we've continued this 12-yr. friendship, I definitely LISTEN!!!
Elaine S, Washington DC
Nov. 20, 2007

Thank you again for your reading the other day! I felt you were very accurate about the areas of my concern, plus your added comments about my health/food were unexpected
but very correct! I was amazed, especially something like my diet!

You are also so right to say - be careful of your thoughts, they are things
and I agree. It hasn't been until the past six months or so that I've been more aware of this aspect. The constant chatter/thoughts that
can be negative without our realizing how much they really impact/affect our lives.

Blessings always to you - you have a wonderful site here with a lot of helpful
information. I've been a lurker in the recent past, but promise to make myself known more here!

Sue, I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful reading.
The accuracy is astonishing, you are a truly gifted soul.
I'm so thrilled right now I can't tell you. It's like
the fog has just cleared and I can see.
Love, June

Dear dear Sar,

I wouldn't have believed it if someone told me this could be done.
All in all I am really amazed by your scan, so true as it is,
and BLESS you for taking the time to do it.
Love and Light

I just have to take this in......
with love, Yvonne

Your short reading for Lynn yesterday consisted of a message to her son
to "Tell your son to be aware and very cautious of his surroundings when driving." I just wanted to let you know that Lynn
went home and did tell her son Jason this message, last night
when she got home from your house.
Today, Jason was stopped at a red light. At the green light he stepped
on the gas pedal to "go." He became "aware" that a car
was not going to stop at the intersection at which he was going through, the one that had
the red light. He slammed on his brakes, as did the vehicle behind him, both screeching to a
stop, Jason's car missing being T-boned by, what he said was a paper thin miracle and the car behind Jason, missed rear
ending him by just as much. Jason said that his first thought was of the warning that his mom
had given him, because of the message that she had received from you, Sue. When Lynn called me, after the near accident, she was
very shaken, so glad that there was no accident and that nothing bad had happened. Her son, Jason, said
that his heart was still pounding, hard, in his chest from that near miss. They both wanted to thank you for the "heads up."
Lynn asked me to email you to inform you of the near-accident and to thank you for the "information."
Pat and Lynn in Parma, 8-9-08

Once again I have been impressed, inspired and excited by what information Sue gave me.
Whilst I am not someone who lives by what a reader tells me, it's an exciting thing when things do happen
as predicted. I did some comparisons with this reading to my last majo
one of Jan 04, oh MY many things have eventuated and I can see how I have grown over this time span.

Life really is a wonderful journey and when God provides us with an Angel to Guide, Life can
become a little easier. Bless you and Thank you Sue and all who guide YOU
love, Sam

I still have tears in my eyes after reading this lovely message for me! Thank you so much Sue. This means
so very much to me, hearing spirit's insights through you. Many of the points hit
home for me, too. Thank you Sue. You really have touched on much that is meaningful to me, with this.
Love, Barb

Springledge's Insights and her comments
I just received a mini reading from Sue. I am still going over the spiritual information and digesting what she said.
I did receive several physical confirmations too and thought I would let everyone know how amazed I am with her gift.
Here is a copy of the physical part of the reading. I think Sue's accuracy here is really
facinating. I am using the correctness of the physical to validate the information she received on the spiritual side:
Sue stated:
I am smiling, I asked about your health and got this: Exercise, exercise, exercise... both your brain and your body. Time to get in shape mentally and physically. Enjoy the benefits of a healthy body and mind. It's time. I am getitng some small disturbance in your tummy or bowel area, nothing bad, but just that if you were going to be upset, it would be shown in either upset tummy or bathroom visits. I am getting a sensitivity to allergens, that have gotten much worse in the last few yrs. I think you can undo some of it, since I sense most is with food based stuff.. like breads, and flour or sugars. Oh Molds just came to me, too. Hmmm don;t know why but my feet hurt.. unless that means you are on them for long periods and then ache in the evening. I am not seeing swelling, (I get swelled up if I am on my feet too long) I am again getitng tickle in my nose so this is for sure calling attention to allergies or sinus. I would say do a Collidial Silver wash and it wil be fine.. (remember, I am NOT a dr!.) let me know if this makes sense and if you have any questions. Blessings, Sue.
Here is the response that I wrote back to her, to give everyone and idea of it's accuracy:

Ok, you are good, Sue. I am still digesting the spiritual insights but the physical is really right on. My daughter and I both at the same time decided that it was time for us to start taking walks every night after supper whether we want to or not. My son has joined in and has been running and walking too. The tummy part is what tickled me. I just had a quick trip to the bathroom right before I got this. Nothing bad just the "oh boy" type of thing. I feel ok, but I did have a quick "run" so to speak. As that is very unusual for me, your picking up on it was amazing. As for my feet...I have a plantar wart on my right foot and I just dug it out yesterday....still hurts if I stand on it very long. Plus I was working in the garden yesterday and having to go up and down and up and down and my legs and feet are very tired. My husband was picking on me tonight because I wore my house shoes into the garden and didn't wear the right kind of shoes to work in. I also have horrible chemical allergies...especially to formaldehyde. I am just getting over a sinus infection that drove me nuts with headaches and sore throat....I took elderberry and used the "charred oak keg" that Edgar Cayce recommended and it is almost gone now. I don't have any collodial silver, but I was seriously thinking about getting some if the other didn't work. So, you are right on. As for exercising my mind, that is a hit also. I told my husband the other day that I had an insatiable desire to learn. I scan the net for new infornation and can't seem to get enough. I started ordering books on herbal healing and identifying plants and for now that has occupied me. It seems there are not enough hours in the day to do the things that I have to do and also steal the time to learn new things. You have given me much to think about and absorb...thank you very much. It is so much easier to see the physical things than the spiritual things, but I am sure that they are correct also. I would love to actually be in touch with my angels enough to recognize when they are trying to get through to me. I guess with time and patience I will learn.
Anyway...I just thought that I would thank Sue and let everyone know how accurate her readings are! It really amazed me that she could see my upset tummy and my very sore foot! The spiritual insights are great too....I am going to spend a long time digesting what she said and trying to implement her suggestions. Thanks Sue....you are really blessed to have this ability and share it with others!

Mary M's Insights and her comments
Thank you Sue for this wonderful insight:

I asked through prayer if there was a messge for you.. I got very strongly for you, that HEALING is to be part of your path.. and there is a new road opening for you to step right along and never miss a beat. You have already done a lot on your Path and just as each thing came in it's proper timing, this, too (the Healing) comes when it is need most.. both for yourself and for what you can do for and teach others. You are a stickler for things to be from the Highest good and for the Highest good, this is now going to come back to you many times over....I am sensing some health concern, and I might be work, but I am thinking female or bladder area... I am being told to assure you, all will be well, you just HAVE to believe. Sometimes the hardest thing to accept.. is OURSELVES... we all have quirks and it is normal to have up days and down days. You have to understand you are fine, and you need to be more self accepting. I am seeing the best place for you to sit quietly and venture with in .. is outside in nature.. the birds, the trees the wind all will inspire you to open and follow the new road.
The message the Angels leave you with is...Listen.. Listen...with in. That is where you will find the peace and serenity you seek.
And my feedback:
In the past I never really thought of healing as part of my path. But more and more of late it is becoming apparent to me that that is what is ahead of me. More the spiritual, emotional healing. I am aware of the " new road opening" for me. I've been looking forward to this period for several years. It's in my "Numbers", and coming up very soon. I still have a rough patch to get through between now and then. I'm glad for the confirmation that I will "never miss a beat". I have a slight bladder infection, does that count?
Oh, and you were right on about needing to accept myself. Sometimes that is the hardest thing.

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