I have many Spiritual Gifts that I have been able to tap into all my life.
I am a Medical Intuitive, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairvoyant.
I am a tool the Creator sometimes uses to help others that need a more human experience to receive messages.
It is human to fear what is unknown or little understood, so some of
my clients have giving me permission to post their experiences.

Female, 56...

first thing I am feeling is pressure in my eyes, tired eyes, like fatique.
and dry eyes... I feel it has been a while since you had a through eye
test completely with Glaucoma....
I do not think you have Glaucoma, but I feel
"pressure" in the eyes... both of them. you need to rest
them more for a few minutes during the
day...(hard to do, I know.. especially when you hit
the floor running and never stop all day.
it could be that we are in allergy season, but
when I am over your eyes, I am sleepy,
(means tired eyes, and strain) I am
feeling the pressure in the sinuses, are you familiar
with nasal flushes? I feel like that will help
you a lot. I need to get back into that habit,
but it is not a pleasure...
(ALWAYS use distilled water and maybe a bit of
saline (salt) if you are not familiar, email and I
will try to explain how.

lots of tension in your shoulders
and neck, hence the migraines every now and
then, also if you can find a neck pillow, (I got
one at drug mart for 7.00 its shaped like a C. and
knock on wood, I have not had a migraine since I have been using
it and I get horrible migraines, but they start
from neck tension.)

I get a buzzing or tones in your left ear, not sure if you are
a sensitive to earth quakes or if this is like tinnitis..
not sure on that spelling... but I am not feeling a hearing loss.

I am a bit concerned about your thyroid, it feels enlarged
as I run my hand down your throat.
And I want to clear my throat a lot... 2 things that means..
one, you have a hard time speaking up for yourself,
and you are holding in things that need to be said out loud,
even just to yourself.
If you are hot or cold a lot and so tired,
and just feeling out of sorts, but not any one
thing, I am thinking it is your thryroid.
unless you get an excellent dr, they will say, oh! it is alright!!!
grrr...so you might want to look into ways
to "feed" your thryroid. I am not a dr.
so I can;t tell you anything..
but I can tell you.. if it was me, I
would look into coconut oil, seaweed, Iodoral tablets,
all these will feed thyroid issues.

I am now down in chest area and I am feeling
pressure in left breast area, if you eventually
start having pressure/pain or feel lop sided, then
I would get that checked, especially if you
are passed due for a mammo.

I am not feeling your heart is an issue,
but I am feeling issues with your heart,
if that makes sense.. like skipped beats
or palpations, ... I am feeling it is from
the thyroid issues. especially if you had
some weight gain or edema, "water" or swelling.

feeling ok with major organs, spleen, kidneys,
oops.. adrenals are over working... (this is
from stress and frustration) and not being able
to take a breathe just for yourself... (always
being concerned about your husband and just losing the dogs, and then grand kids,
and that is not even if you work outside the home!

you mentioned c sections, .. I am being
told to tell you there is maybe
adhesions pulling on the nerves in
the lower back.. at Inner Connections I
have a pain forum and I talk about
adhesions, I have them and every
now and there they need to be surgically
removed. think of bubble gum, the is
sticky and growing into your cut
areas from the c sect. (pelvic wall and back, )
that is were they would start.

if the more you move, the less you hurt,
but when you rest too long, then try to
move but hurt or are stiff.. that is or
could be adhesions.

the back issues I am feeling more
sciatic then actual back injury...
straining muscles.... so resting then back
and using a pillow between your knees
or under them will bring relief...
I feel weak ankles so be very careful
about twisting or falling or tripping.
again I am feeling what I can planter fascia in
your foot. the knee you had replaced appears to
be ok to me. and I am not feeling pain
in the other one, at least not right now.

I am going back up and have to stop at
your left shoulder (sometimes I have
it backwards ) like it might be your
right but I feel it on my left) I feel
like you had an injury or over exerted and
that shoulder joint is hurting like a ache.
oh might be rotator cuff..? like if you
picked up a heavy bale of hay and
pitched it but forgot to let go!

then I am back to your eyes and feeling
so tired.. and also have dry mouth, not
sure if you need to be checked for
diabetes.. but if so, I feel like you
can get a handle on it now and stop
it... with watching and diet.

that is all I am getting for health for you,
I need your husbands age.
can you please let me know if this
hits or makes sense to you.




You are so accurate it is scary!
You were dead on!
My eyes do get blurry, and I do
have very dry eyes. And no,
I don't rest them, guess
I will start now!

I have always had horrible sinus
infections my entire life.
I have not yet tried the
nasal irrigation, but just
recently purchased a Neil
med sinus kit with the netti
pot and salt. Just need to
go out and get distilled water.

I do have a cotton mouth, I
chalked it up to being a mouth
breather at night because my
nose is always stuffed up.

I do not speak up for myself, and
I do stuff my feelings in. I
always have, probably due to
childhood issues...always
terrified of my dad and his temper.
I tried to be invisible and guess I forgot how to stop.

Learned Self preservation is very strong and hard to break....
deleted very personal things.... I did have a low thyroid,
but by supplementing with Lugol's iodine
(painting patches on skin until it does not
soak in in a 24 hour period).
This has to be done every so often,
and then I feel normal again.
My Dr didn't think I needed anything
but the lowest possible dose of thyroid meds
for years. Now, I supplement and feel better
and my hair is a little thicker than ever.
No more constantly being cold.

Yes, my heart occasionally races for no known reason!
I wonder why? Glad to know there is no major heart

In the past I have had the pulled tendon in my
foot, but no pain now. Maybe it is
coming? I have flat wide feet, no arches. Perhaps
I should retire my summer Birkenstocks for a
sensible pair of leather shoes.

Thanks for letting me know about
my lower back. Glad it was nothing major. I probably
just need to strengthen my core muscles.
I have been lax in the exercise dept. lately.

I have an enlarged lymph node under
my left arm by my breast. I have been watching it for a
few years. I try to keep it down by
massaging and stimulating the lymphatic system.
Hope I won't have to worry about complications
there, but I will keep an eye on it.

My shoulder doesn't hurt right now, but it doesn't
have much strength or stamina. Most
likely it would scream if I overused it.

I am sure my adrenals need a rest, probably
nothing that a few weeks on a white sandy beach wouldn't
help. (Like that will happen, lol)

Thank you so much, you have
put my mind at ease. I suppose the
stress and the tired adrenals would
explain my deep fatigue. Nature's way of telling me
to slow down?

I was very concerned about my eye sight,
so will follow your advice for that.

I will also try getting a neck
support pillow, for my migraines.
Thanks for that suggestion!

Thanks again Dear!
I am so grateful for this.
Nancy B
Sept.28 2016
Quincy, Ill.

Sue, thank you for the emergency Reiki treatment for my headache. I have
never experienced such complete relief so quickly! Here I am, a few hours later
and still complete relief. That headache had been there for days, not even letting me
get a decent sleep. Looking forward to a good nap today!
I sure know who to call when the body starts complaining.

Penny, Elyria, Ohio 7-7-2016

This is a recent health scan I was asked to do, I have permission to share it here, so folks
know how it comes to me. I am given the
sex and age of the person wanting the scan.

MALE-15: I am seeing small, very small calcium like chips, not really bone chips.
Hmmm wonder what could help dissolve them naturally, I am not so
worried about the MRI on the knee, get it if needed, just cover crotch and
abdomen from X rays... I am also getting a weakness or something in the lower
right area, I first thought kidney/ureter...but think it is lower and more to the side. I am thinking
this is just a weakness of muscles there... all stems from shifting weight from the knee in the
past, this could be worked out in physical therapy.
I am also feeling a neck pinch or injury, I see hanging upside down or anti-gravity bed would help. I see nothing major at this time.

Female 37: Understand if something is relating to me too sometimes I can get screwed up, but this is what
I get strong for you....ADHESIONS!... now sometimes called strictures. not all people grow them,
but if you are one that does, they will keep on growing and push things out and pull things
in and this means, could push on bladder and restict small intestions from
pushing stool/food whatever and then back's up and pushes liver up and on and on.... you will never
see these on MRI or xrays, any GOOD dr. will be able to see you had a C-Sec and
when you tell them symptoms, they now can go in a key hole surgery
and clip the adhesions, you will have immediate relief but might need this done ever 15-20 yrs or when they get bad enough
to mess up your life. Tammy Wynette died from adhesions in her bowels as did the BEE GEE brother.
Most drs do not like to mess with adhesion patients. this is a time consuming operation and time=$. but go and ask on
the phone to different drs /sergeons that can do adhesion surgery. I am not getting
anything else at all for you, so I am standing on that you whole problem IS adhesions.
not major but they can "cripple" you as far as having a life. you can have diarrhea and constipation
and all sorts of problems "down there," but once you are cleaned out.. you will
be in such relief. hope this helps.

Now her reply:

Sues, Thank you ............. & thank you!!

I was driving with J this evening.... and mentioned this email to him....
he didn't quite understand so I explained that like he see's things, you too through
spirit can see physical things about people. He thought
that was pretty darn cool. He hasn't said anything to me about the side pains
he's been having ... but when I told him what you'd wrote... his made the "NO WAY" expression.
He said yes, it's a cramping and burning.
The neck could very possibly be from wrestling, OR from the
concussion he received two weeks ago. (He was wrestling with a friend, and ended
up head first into the cement floor - knocked
him out instantly and left him with a trip to the ER).....

Scar tissue........ yeh..........
My mom's side has an issue with fibrois tumors. Quite large ones actually.
And this last c section my doctor told me, I had a lot of scar tissue
that had to be cut through. A friend of mine is a homeopathic doc. She has this "tool" I can't remember the
name.... it has lots of uses (magnetic pulse therapy) that I remember her saying
was very good for scar tissue (To break it up). I am going to look more
into this with her. I have become so gassy... and bloated...
and yes, I do have issues with constipation for a few years now.

Thank you for your time... you still have it chicka! wink wink.....
Love and Blessings to you and yours.....
Aim T 8/7/2011

Dear Sue,

Thank you for the Healing.... My back was so bad, I couldn't stand or sit
for any length of time.
This went on for two weeks. After your Quantam Healing, I feel great!
I had no pain getting in and out of the car, housecleaning,
taking care of the kitties. I even was digging in the dirt last night!!!
It is so nice to be free of the hurting... Being able
to get back into my routine is wonderful.
Thank you so much!!!
Shirley W, Medina Ohio 8-27-09

Hi Sue,
I wanted to fill you in about my dad.
You were so right about him. You said...
"I am concerned about the health of your father ....not entirely sure they are doing
the right tests or course of testing or treatment. I am not
a dr, but I am not feeling good about his medical stuff.
Is there another dr he is willing to go see? I am seeing
deception here, not truthful of extent of illness, or Dr has not
fully tested in the right vein to get the full picture."
Well, they found that one of the incisions sites on his right leg was hard and his
leg was swelling. When they injected a needle into the injection site fluid started pouring out.
They have now sent him to a infectious disease specialiest but I don't understand
why, they have put him on antibiotics and he is now seeing three doctores weekly.
They also did a scan of his left leg looking for a blood clot. You are so right on it is uncanny
blessings, Dmom - Nancy

Sue, I am honestly flabbergasted, as I had rather severe pain
in my lower back from a pinched nerve. And you were also right
about feeling pain in my left shoulder area, as I also have
fibromyalgia, and it was affecting this exact area. I have to be
completely honest, I was not into reiki and was even skeptical,
but have since changed my mind. The night you emailed me, I was more
then a little SHOCKED to find that my back was not bothering me with
that constant pain. And it does not bother me now, and it's the next day!
I am truly amazed, and VERY thankful. God Bless you, because I think
you have a wonderful gift which I know you are using in the right way.....with honesty.
Sincere Regards, Nancy from Ct., 7-23-07

WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! I went to my dear friend Sue's lovely home Thursday morning and she graciously gave me "Trigger Point Massage Therapy" and also "Reiki" on my very weary and very sore body. I have to be honest and state that I went with some skepticism, but I was in such pain and the chiropractor I had visited was helpful but did not offer enough relief and my next appointment was not until the following Monday. While I have grown to know and care and love her, I am a Type "A" personality and view everything 'new' with what I hope is an open mind.

I could not be more impressed with her knowledge and expertise. I would very gladly pay for these wonderful experiences on a very regular basis. I have been trying to encourage her to offer these services to a select general public, perhaps she needs some more encouragement, maybe this declaration will help? She has a beautiful home and it is so very relaxing to visit there. Soft lighting, an indoor waterfall/serenity pond, relaxing soft music playing in the background, soothing aromas. It was a truly glorious and calming experience and I can't wait for my next visit.I met Sue over 2 years ago through a Freecycle experience, and she has become a cherished and lovely friend who has enhanced my life. Due to my very stressful life and some difficult emotional times over the past 2 years she has offered me her friendship, her knowledge, shared many of her own experiences, observations and insights, and it has always been a pleasure to visit with her.

I know that she is in the process of creating a beautiful metaphysical retreat and now that I have downsized my business, I plan to help her with this as soon as the weather breaks. I'm so glad that I live just 6 minutes from her!
Chris G 1-26-08

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